Amendments to the Employment Act – coming soon?

Hello readers,

Of late, this topic has been hitting the press and if you are a reader of theStar, you would’ve realized that an article on the Employment Act / or matters concerning misconduct has been appearing for the past few Sundays. This is certainly an indication that the amendments are now looked at on a ‘very serious’ basis and as employers, you should start to be prepared from now.

I’ve had the privilege of understanding some of the proposed changes that has been put forth. You may be wondering – how do I prepare if I don’t know what he change entails? Well, take my word for this – The best way for you to handle this change is to be understand 100% the provisions of this current Act. 

For those of you who haven’t familiarized yourself (because you always think that it’s not that important especially since it does not cover all employees) now is the time for you to brush up and refresh!

All the best!