Election Day: Selangor Public Holiday (6th May 2013)

I’ve been receiving questions after questions since the declaration that Selangor is a public holiday on Monday.

In my previous posting on public holiday on election day and time-off, I clarified the position of a holiday declared under s.9 of the Holidays Act. This holiday, on 6th May 2013 declared by the Selangor State Government is also a holiday declared under the same section.

As such, if your company observes ALL public holidays, then you must observe 6th May 2013 as a public holiday too. You can choose to replace this holiday only with consent from the employees.

If your terms and conditions of service does not recognise ALL public holidays (meaning, you state 11 days or 13 days per year,etc) then you are not obliged to observe this day as a public holiday.

However, since this is a big event and happens once in 5 years, I would encourage all companies in Selangor to observe this holiday as a sign of respect to the State Government.