Latest Update: Employment Act 1955

Dear readers,

It is confirmed that the amendments to the Employment Act will come into operation in April 2012. This is by virtue of public notification PU(A) 87/2012.

Further, the Minister has also announced the changes of the First Schedule to the Employment Act by replacing the words ‘one thousand five hundred’ to ‘two thousand’. This means that employees who are earning not more than RM2000 in a month will be protected by the provisions of the Employment Act. This change has wide implications, especially when it comes to overtime payments and it is good if companies could look into it immediately. The announcement is made via PU(A) 88/2012.

If you have any questions concerning this area, please do not hesitate to contact me at 03-7877 8714.

MECA will be conducting courses on this topic and the first one will be on this Monday, 2nd April 2012 where a webinar will be held at 3.30pm to discuss the changes to the Act. Further notice will be given on any other training courses.